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  • Santa Claus: Private Eye

    One day each year, Santa Claus brings presents to children all over the world. The other 364, he moonlights as Nick Santana, a down-on-his-luck detective, trying to make his way in the lonely city. Instead of his red and white suit, Nick sports a trenchcoat and fedora. Instead of the North Pole, Nick works dark corners and rain-slicked streets filled with gangster, guns and – of course -- femme fatales. ‘Cuz no one knows better than Santa Claus that the nicer they look, the naughtier they can be. Read More

  • Bastard's Waltz

    John the Bastard is the world’s most dangerous supervillain; his name alone has struck fear into the hearts of most heroes for decades. But now John finds himself in the crosshairs of a talented upstart, and only Secret Service protection specialist Ezekiel Sweet can keep John safe from the swarm of psychopaths heading his way. With Sweet a reluctant guardian, a traitor in their midst, and John’s skills markedly slipping, who will survive the ultimate showdown? Read More

  • Things You Shouldn't Remember

    Dozens of people from all across the United States suddenly find themselves recalling random things: song lyrics, places, and events that seem to have been erased from both collective memory and recorded history. Fearing the spread of a virus-like plague, a mysterious group known as “The Handlers” is tasked with hunting and destroying those who recollect. But, does the end justify the means? And what if you were the one whose mind was unwittingly filled with things you shouldn’t remember? Things You Shouldn’t Remember serves up a cocktail of adventure, horror, and humor in a story that will keep you guessing… and make you wonder if your own memories should be trusted. Read More

  • Where's Darby At? - Fall 2017 Events

    Read More

  • Darby Bites #27: Adopted Family

    Read More

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Luis Roldan Torquemada

Writer: Things You Shouldn't Remember

Luis is a Madrileñan who somehow ended up on the Costa del Crime, balancing his life as a marketing manager with his graveyard-shift job as a writer. He has contributed to several magazines in Spain, Argentina and the UK, writing, editing, translating and lettering comic stories. Read more

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Mariano Eliceche

Artist: Things You Shouldn't Remember

Born on July 20th, 1986 in Rosario, Argentina, pencil and blank sheet of paper in hand. Since 2000, he has been living in Pamplona, Spain, where he attended Pamplona’s Art School, before continuing his studies at the Joso Comic School in Barcelona. Read more

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