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  • Breaking Into Comics: Women of Darby Pop

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  • Darby Pops Off: "What Makes a Comic Book Fan?" by Bob Ulrich

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  • Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises

    Bruce Lee never died. And he hasn't aged. But, he has no idea who he is, what's happened in the world in the past 40+ years, or why so many "thugs" want a piece of him. With the help of a fly BFF from the '70s – Joe Toomey, P.I. – and a pair of precocious Teens, Bruce will piece together a mystery more insidious than ever imagined, and find himself forced to do battle with both an enigmatic Villain and his very own conscience. In other words, the Dragon rises... and "walks on" once more! Read More

  • Join Darby Pop for Free Comic Book Day 2016!

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  • Fake Empire

    Fairies have always existed in secret, without a kingdom of their own, living side-by-side with humankind. But when one of his own children is murdered, King Oberon asks his surviving daughters - newly minted NYPD detective Charli and wingless black sheep Lucy - to find her killer amidst the citizenry of New York. As Charli and Lucy delve deeper into the mystery, they begin to discover the extraordinary measures their father has taken - some clever, some desperate - to keep an entire people hidden in an increasingly treacherous world. For Charlie and Lucy, unmasking their sister's executioner will mean confronting their own blood-drenched legacy. Read More

  • The Living Finger

    When well-meaning Jason discovers a disembodied finger that appears to "alive," it quickly becomes the sole focus of his life. He names the digit "Wendy," learns to communicate with it via "tap code," and discovers that the one thing Wendy wants more than anything else is a living, breathing human body to attach to. But, as soon as Jason helps Wendy secure an unwitting "host," problems arise. Soon, Jason has collected a bathtub full of corpses, a rightly suspicious sister, and a best friend hellbent on selling Wendy to the highest bidder. Even worse, Jason is beginning to realize that he may have acted a bit rashly, especially with Wendy proudly displaying an unhealthy fascination with knives. Is there any way for Jason to set things right without becoming another casualty? Read More

  • Doberman

    Doberman is the tale of a roundhouse-kicking, beer-shotgunning, Dodge Stealth-driving badass with a badge, shamed into years of personal exile. But, now he's back, with only one thing on his mind--revenge! Read More

  • Dead Man's Party

    In the assassin trade, a Dead Man's Party is part Viking funeral, part Irish wake, a twisted way for your murderous peers to either honor your memory or settle a score. Each of the five professional killers who participate have 30 days to collect the bounty on your head, adding your distinguished name to his or her resume. And the "contract" is wholly irrevocable. For the world's most feared executioner - known only as Ghost - arranging such a Party for himself is a last resort, a way to go out on his own terms and at the top of his game. Read More

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Jeff Kline 2

Jeff Kline

Founder of Darby Pop Publishing, Writer: Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises, Indestructible

As both Writer and Showrunner, Kline has been responsible for more than 40 animated and live-action series and pilots. Currently, he is an Executive Producer and co-developer of TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE, a follow up to his previous project, the multiple Daytime Emmy® Award-winning CG series TRANSFORMERS: PRIME. Read more

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Shannon Lee

Shannon Lee

Writer: Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises

THE DAUGHTER OF BRUCE LEE, Shannon is a creative as well as the sole owner of Bruce Lee Enterprises, the exclusive owner of all commercial merchandising and allied rights relating to the use of Bruce Lee’s name, image, attributes, marks, logos, works, etc. worldwide. Bruce Lee Enterprises in turn owns several entities all geared toward promoting Bruce Lee’s legacy worldwide, including Bruce Lee Entertainment, the media arm of the legacy involved in Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises. Read more

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Darby Pops Off: “Comic Mad Woman” by Joelle Sellner

We often think of writers moving from comics to television, not the other way around, but one of the ways Darby Pop stands out from other publishers is many of our writers originated in television. As other posts have discussed before, both mediums have their advantages and their restrictions, but what is it like for… Read more

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A Look at the Bruce Lee Wing Luke Exhibit

While Darby Pop was in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con, Darby Pop founder, Jeff Kline, took some time to visit the Wing Luke Museum’s Bruce Lee exhibit Do You Know Bruce? Breaking Barriers and take the “Bruce Lee in Chinatown” walking tour. With permission from Wing Luke and the Bruce Lee Estate we’re proud to… Read more

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