J. Briscoe Allison

Artist: Sweet Lullaby

J. Briscoe Allison is a penciller, inker, colorist and letterer, and has been working as a professional illustrator and designer for the past twenty years, designing everything from t-shirts and billboards, to storyboards and character concepts for animation and independent film. Allison studied comic art and sequential storytelling at The Kubert School based in Dover, New Jersey in the late 90s. There, he honed his innate artistic abilities, and learned to translate his perception of the world into a series of panels and word balloons. Sweet Lullaby is his first foray in comics, as well as his first collaboration with writer, AJ Scherkenbach.

Hailing from Texas, Allison currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he creates comics and composes music. He enjoys reading, watching films, and loving life with his partner, Saori Murphy, and their pit-bull, Beans. If he ever grows up, he wants to be either Batman, or a professional comic book artist.