Troy Peteri

Letterer: 7th Sword, Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises, City: The Mind in the Machine, Dead Squad, Dead Squad: Ayala Tal, Doberman, Indestructible, Indestructible: Stingray

Troy Peteri is a Harvey Award nominated letterer who has lettered a million things from THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to WITCHBLADE, as well as co-written the mini-series ABATTOIR for Radical Comics. He’s currently writing a webcomic entitled 77 HERO PLAZA for Sometimes (not often) he tires of lettering other people’s words and wishes he could write more, but then he remembers what it was like unloading trucks at 6 am in a Wisconsin winter and it puts things in perspective. Hooray, comics!

Facebook: Troy.Peteri
Twitter: @TroyPeteri