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Project Submissions

Darby Pop Publishing is open to submissions of finished books, or scripts, or pitches WITH an artist attached.  Please note: we can NOT read or consider scripts or pitches submitted by a scribe alone.  And, obviously, artists must include a sample of their work for the project: a 5 page sample, character designs, sketches, etc., if not full pages from the title being proffered. Furthermore, we will not accept titles that have already been published as trade paperbacks and offered through either Diamond or Amazon.

In addition to your submission, please attach a separate, signed copy of our waiver — which you will find here: Darby Pop General Submission Waiver.  We cannot and will not read any material submitted without a signed waiver. Email your submission to

When received, Darby Pop Publishing will acknowledge receipt, but cannot promise any further personal communication.  Though, you have our guarantee that EVERYTHING we receive will be considered.  ‘Cuz we’re obsessive-compulsive like that.

Here’s hoping YOU become our next superstar creator.  Or our first.  Either way.

Artist Submissions

Pencilers, inkers, and colorists should send samples of comic book pages (not character designs, covers, posters, or pictures of you cosplaying as Emma Frost) to  We want to see that you can draw comics, so we have to consider actual comics.  But, as long as you send some sequential pages, you can include any of that other stuff, too.  Note:  keep it clean, people! The actual “Darby” of Darby Pop will be our lead pundit.  And she’s 11.