Dead Squad

Writers: Matthew Federman, Stephen Scaia  Artists: Michael Montenat, Netho Diaz  Cover Artists: Blond, David Hartman, Howard Chaykin, Jeff Langevin, Matt Timson, Steve Firchow  Letterer: Troy Peteri  Colorist: Doug Sirois  Inker: Jonas Trinidade

Dead Squad spins the tale of three U.S. military operatives who discover that their commanding officer has gone rogue, meaning that they are now considered traitors as well. Unfortunately, this realization comes only moments before their years of service are rewarded with a swarm of snipers’ bullets. Since the trio’s early deaths would make for a very truncated series, however, each is granted a reprieve thanks to advanced nanotech and a government intent on interrogating them mercilessly. But the stay of execution is a limited one, as the Dead Squad learns that the “biotic” serum reanimating them is only a “beta” version with a 30 hour life span. Living on borrowed time, the Dead Squad must track down their betrayer and retrieve the one thing that can keep them alive — knowing all the while that a very different “After-life” awaits each of them.

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