Fake Empire

Writer: Eric Palicki  Cover Artists: Ben Bishop, Sina Grace  Letterer: Erica Schultz  Cover Artist/artist: Steven Defendini

Written by Eric Palicki
Pencils and Inks by Vinnie Rico
Cover Art by Sina Grace

Fairies have always existed in secret, without a kingdom of their own, living side-by-side with humankind. But when one of his own children is murdered, King Oberon asks his surviving daughters – newly minted NYPD detective Charli and wingless black sheep Lucy – to find her killer amidst the citizenry of New York. As Charli and Lucy delve deeper into the mystery, they begin to discover the extraordinary measures their father has taken – some clever, some desperate – to keep an entire people hidden in an increasingly treacherous world. For Charlie and Lucy, unmasking their sister’s executioner will mean confronting their own blood-drenched legacy.

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