Women of Darby Pop

Writers: Adam Breen, Adrian Reynolds, Andre Mateus, Austin Bridges, Brett Harris, Forrest Helvie, Jeff Burns, Mark Weller, Matthew Cody, Michael Thompson, Richard Casey  Artists: Brent Hibbard, Christopher Sisneros, Danny Flores, Elvis Gonzales, Kate Davis, Nikkol Jelenic, Pedro Moreo  Marketing Director: Kristine Chester

“Work-Life-Balance” written by Mark Weller, art by Tony Donley
“Past Due” written by Adam Breen, art by Elvis Gonzales
“Freetown” written by Adrian Reynolds, art by Danny Flores
“The Fairy Queen” written by Forrest C. Helvie, art by Nikkol Jelenic
“Clinical Trials” written by Austin Bridges, art by Christopher Sisneros
“First Time” written by Jeff Burns, art by Brent Hibbard
“Ride Along” written by Matthew Cody, art by Kenya Washington
“Youth is Wasted” written by Michael Thompson, art by Danny Flores
“Life’s Beauty” written by Richard Casey, art by Lee Bokma
“My Sister’s Keeper” written by Andre Mateus, art by Kate Davis
“Looking for Redemption with Blind Eyes” written by Brett Harris, art by Pedro Moreo
Letters by Troy Peteri

The Women of Darby Pop is a specially-priced, double-sized floppy collecting short stories written and drawn by the winners of Darby Pop Publishing’s second “Breaking Into Comics” contest. This unique anthology shines a spotlight on both major and minor female characters from nearly every book Darby Pop has published to date while simultaneously introducing readers to a wellspring of new talent.

Women of Darby Pop #1 is now available in the Darby Pop Store. Click here to purchase.

Women of Darby Pop #1 is now available digitally on ComiXology. Click here to purchase.

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