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Darby Pops Off: “Olivia the Intern” by Olivia Ryder

Written by Kristine Chester | 1 Comment | Published on January 22, 2016
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In the world of publishing, you’re always on the move. It makes learning the ropes a real struggle when you’re the ‘new guy’ on the team. On top of all of your job related responsibilities, you’re learning terminology, figuring out where a particular title is at in its life cycle, even remembering the names of your teammates. Everything’s new and you have to learn it all fast. In this week’s Darby Pop’s Off, Darby Pop’s new intern, Olivia Ryder, shares her experiences being thrown into the deep end of the world of comic book publishing.

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Three years deep into my education as an artist, and everything in my life is starting to ramp up. Officially becoming a majoring student, piling on all those credits I need to graduate, being hired to do art-related jobs, and – on top of all that – beginning an internship with Darby Pop Publishing. With graduation on the horizon, I can hear the real world knocking on my front door; a sound equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.

It was that sound that drove me to hunt for an internship in the first place. After countless emails, hours-a-day researching, and at times nearly giving up hope, it wasn’t until I was handed a scrap of paper with a single URL written across it that everything started falling into place. A quick google search, and I sent off the email that lead me to the position I’m writing about now.

I officially began my internship toward the middle of January, but preparing myself for that moment meant a stretch of time where proposals had to be written, introductions made, sites explored, and conference calls attended. It felt like jumping into a pool of cold water; there were so many different steps and so much process that went into making and selling a book that I was on the verge of being swept away. But, if I’ve learned anything from being an art student, it’s how to adapt.

The first conference call passed by in a blur of titles, names, and vocabulary that I had never heard before. “Floppies?” “Trades?” New information was being thrown – not even at me, just in my general vicinity – and I had no way of knowing what was important and what I could ignore. As soon as I’d hung up the phone, I felt all of the finer points blink out of existence. The only thing I’d taken away from the entire experience was the knowledge that Darby Pop had been pitched a whole mess of vampire stories recently, and that I really needed to start taking notes.

I have, of course, been tasked with reading and familiarizing myself with the entire collection of Darby Pop’s published works. I’ve already blasted through DEAD SQUAD and INDESTRUCTIBLE; CITY; THE MIND IN THE MACHINE is next on the list. In all honesty, being assigned a bunch of comics to read is probably the best homework I’ll ever get… Alright, second best. That one assignment in my Character Design class where I had to draw a Scottish ninja is hard to beat.

In the past week alone, I’ve since sat down with Jeff (our Publisher), had one-on-one phone calls with several other members of the Darby Pop team, and started a notebook that I’m already close to filling to help familiarize myself with this new world and what is expected of me in it. I know I have my work cut out for me.

Though, now that my first full-fledged assignment – a “Darby Pops Off” blog – is completed, I should be able to finish the CITY trade before dinner. And, yes, I used the word “trade.” Correctly.

About the Author

Olivia Ryder is a Digital Media student working towards her BFA at the Maine College of Art. Her work focuses on character design, concept art and digital illustrations. She has a huge passion for animation, video games, comics and everything in between. At the moment she is locked away in her studio trying to get as much done as possible before her next and final year of school.