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Darby Pop Publishing Declares Its Independence Day on July 4th

Written by Kristine Chester | No Comments | Published on May 1, 2017
The content that follows was originally published on the Darby Pop Publishing website at http://www.darbypop.com/press/darby-pop-publishing-declares-its-independence-day-on-july-4th/

After four years of editorial autonomy paired with distribution partnerships, Darby Pop Publishing is ready to become truly “indie.”  With a new “direct” deal in place, Darby Pop Publishing’s titles will continue to be available through Diamond Book Distributors and Diamond Comic Distributors, but retailers can now find the publisher’s critically-acclaimed titles listed under Darby Pop’s own heading in the PREVIEWS catalog.

To celebrate their first month as a solo act, Darby Pop will release Deluxe Editions of two of their previously sold-out trade paperbacks, Indestructible: Not So Much and Side-Kicked — each now featuring an additional 22 pages of story. Ironically, Indestructible was Darby Pop’s first-ever title released in conjunction with IDW Publishing, while Side-Kicked was Darby Pop’s initial release through Magnetic Press.

“When we started, we were smart enough to realize that we weren’t that smart.  Both IDW and Magnetic Press provided us with not just credibility, but invaluable advice and expertise,” explained Darby Pop Publishing’s President, Jeff Kline.

At the end of the day, any publisher is only as good as their titles.  And “Darby Pop Publishing has some really innovative stories; here’s hoping they continue to break the mold,” stated Reading With a Flight Ring.

All of Darby Pop’s books thus far have been of a certain “kind”: high-concept and cinematic.  Since being founded in 2012 by multiple-Emmy Award winning writer/producer Jeff Kline (Transformers: Prime, G.I. Joe: Renegades, Jackie Chan Adventures), Darby Pop Publishing has unleashed nearly 70 issues/TPBs both physically and digitally.  With many more to come.